Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Treat Cosmetics Review


About 2 weeks ago I contacted Kaitlyn Abdou the owner of Sweet Treat Cosmetics (who is super sweet by the way) about purchasing her small reviewer kit because I was 3 people shy of meeting the qualifications for purchase,which is 50+ followers/subscribers. She is a fan on my Facebook page Every Girl Needs A Little Sparkle and said it would be fine with her if I purchased anyways,which was super awesome of her! She offers 2 different kits,1 for less established reviewers which is $5+s&h and consists of 1 full size product and 3 samples of your choice. The second kit includes 3 full size products and 4 samples, which is $13+s&h and you need to have 100+followers/subscribers. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

Let's get this review in full gear now!

How my package arrived:
I love her little logo, it's so sweet!

What was inside:
Cute little plastic gift bag with cupcakes,red polka dots,and the word "Sweet" across the top

Inside the gift bag:
1 full size lip gloss,1 mini lip gloss, 3 eyeshadow samples
Kaitlyn mentioned  to me that she is playing around with the idea of offering mini lip glosses for $3 and asked what I thought about the idea. Which I will address in my review wrap up =)

Break down of the items I received:

A full size lip gloss in Red Velvet! It smells just like red velvet cake and is super smooth to apply and not sticky at all. Lightly maroon tinted,but goes on pretty sheer with just a hint of color.

A mini lip gloss in Strawberry...this smells like the real fruit strawberry fruit bars. When applied has a light pink tint and red glitter.

 Loose eyeshadow samples in:
There are labels on the baggies,but I could not get them to pick up on camera since they are clear.
Left over NYX Shadow Base in White / Right bare skin 
Descriptions of colors from Sweet Treat Cosmetics

Strawberry Daiquiri
A deep, rosey pink that looks just like my favorite drink! 
This color is vegan and is lip safe!

A beautiful blue / green duochrome color with flecks of seafoam glitter. 
This color is vegan and is not lip safe.

A dark, rich purple with reddish undertones! After all, who doesn't love a ice cold grape popsicle in the summer? 
This color is vegan and is lip safe.

The 2 looks I put together:
Over NYX Shadow Base in White
I only had to dip my brush in the bag 3 times and that was just using the pigment on the side of the baggie!

Strawberry Daiquiri & Popsicle

Popsicle & Macaron

Review Wrap Up

  • The eyeshadow are very pigmented,bright and beautiful.
  • EXCELLENT color payoff, meaning I don't have to use an insane amount of product to get the color saturation in the photos.
  • Very smooth texture
  • Super blend-able
  • Long lasting color 
  • Average pricing
  • Lip glosses are smooth and not sticky what so ever
  • Super yummy smelling glosses

  •  Honestly I cannot think of any besides the limited choices in colors, but her company is fairly new. So I'm sure there will be more in time.

Would I recommend Sweet Treat Cosmetics? Absolutely, the prices are good,products are amazing,cute packaging,customer service is outstanding, what more could you want?!?!

Kaitlyn, I think the mini lip glosses are a GREAT idea because my 6 year old daughter has commandeered my strawberry mini! I think they're the perfect size for a gift or just to toss in your bag and apparently just the right size to catch the attention of little girls! =) 
Also, it gives the opportunity to try more glosses and not commit to a full size one.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to review your great products!

 Where you can purchase Sweet Treat Cosmetics
Be sure to add her on Facebook

These are my honest opinions of what I though of the products.
I was not paid to write this review. I bought the review kit with my own money,it was not given to me. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.It is greatly appreciated!
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I am not affiliated with this company.


  1. Great review! Everything looks so yummyy!

  2. Macaron and Popsicle are awesome and I forgot to order them :(:(:( next time they'll be mine :)
    I think small size of lipgloss is a great idea!

  3. Melly - Thank you,so much! Everything IS super yummy, I was very pleased with everything I tried.

    Sakura - Yes yes yes, you MUST get Macaron & Popsicle. I LOVE purple and Popsicle is a beautiful shade of it. Macaron reminds me of pictures you see of the ocean water on postcards,it's a brilliant gorgeous blue.

  4. I completely agree with everything you said. This and Madd style are my fav indie brands! I have the strawberry gloss and LOVE IT!

  5. Kristina - I need to get more colors from STC soon,I really was impressed! The strawberry gloss is soooooo yummy smelling :o)