Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Madd Tutorial 16

I am completely ready for it to be Fall already and am super excited for Halloween!!!
So, in anticipation for my favorite time of year I did this gorgeous orange and black look.

Tools and other goodies needed for this look:
NYX eyeshadow base in white - MSC awesome sauce - ELF liquid liner in black 
NYX JEP in black bean - Rimmel lash accelerator in black

Warpaint pencil brush
ELF blending brush

Color 1

Gently Pat Ichabod from the duct area to just slightly past the middle of the eyelid. 
Sweep half way along the lower lash line.

Color 2

Place Tiger's Blood over the end area of Ichabod and almost to the edge of the lid, leave just a slight space at the end. 
Using a blending brush bleeeeeeeeeeeend blend blend Ichabod over Tiger's Blood and then add a little more Tiger's Blood over where Ichabod is blending and then blend a little more.
Also, place a touch of Tiger's Blood on the center of the lower lash line.

Colors 3 & 4

First you're going to apply Plan 9 on the outer edge and slightly over Tiger's Blood, along the outer lower lash line and then up into the crease. Blend Plan 9 and Tiger's Blood together.
Now take Cloud 9 and apply it over Plan 9 and to blend out the crease area near the duct.
Apply Plan 9 over Cloud 9 being sure to blend them together.
Take your blending brush and lightly go over the colors to blend them evenly over the lid and lower lash line.

Apply liner and mascara to complete this gorgeous look!!

Thank you for taking your time to check out this tutorial!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Madd Tutorial 15

                                                                     Good Evening!

Tonight I have for you a recreation of a gorgeous look I did a few days ago.
I feel this is a very simple look that can be changed up so easily just by switching out one color.

The original look

Now my tutorial of the recreation.

Items used:
Blending - Angled - Pencil

NYX base in white - MSC Awesome Sauce - ELF liquid eyeliner in black
NYX jep in black bean - Rimmel lash accelerator in black 

1. Moth

Using the pencil brush apply Moth to the first half of the eyelid (from duct to pupil).
Use the tip of the brush to help draw the shape.

2. Madd Tea Party

Take the pencil brush again and pat  Madd Tea Party on the outer portion of the eyelid and over lapping Moth.
(patting the pigment is important with this particular color because there is an obscene amount of glitter in it)  Use the very tip of the pencil brush to draw your shape and fill it in with the pigment that you just applied to the lid.
Take you blending brush and pull Moth over Madd Tea Party, then use a sweeping motion to blend the two colors together until the make a light grey. You will probably need to add some more of either piggie before you get the right balance of color.

3. Ol'55

Using my angled brush I lined the lower and upper lash line with Ol'55. Extending the bottom lash ling along the shape of the eye shadow on the lids.

Line your eye lids as normal. After you line the upper lid you can go back with the angled brush and very lightly line above the liner with Ol'55.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Madd Tutorial 14

This tutorial was born out of the first one I photographed coming out waaay too blurry, so I decided to do some evening playing around with my makeup and came up with this little gem! Enjoy<3

Be sure to start your eye off with the usual base + Awesome Sauce (or just base if you do not have Awesome Sauce)

The brushes I use for this are: Angled - Crease - Pencil - Blending

The starting color for this look is Lain.
Using my pencil brush I patted Lain from the duct to the beginning part of the iris, along the bottom lash line and half way into the crease.

Second color used - Mondo.
Using the pencil brush pat Mondo right along side all inner parts of Lain, on the lid, right below the crease, and slightly past the end of the iris. Once you have the color patted on use the blending brush and pull Lain over Mondo and blend using a sweeping motion towards Mondo.
I also ended up covering up Lain with Mondo on the top and bottom. So you can just pat some Mondo over Lain and blend to get the look I came up with or leave it as is.

Third color used - Ruby.
Use the angled brush and pat Ruby on over the end portion of Mondo and into the crease over lapping Lain. Take the crease brush and blend Lain/Mondo and Ruby together.

Last color I used is Goathead Redd.
Pat Goathead Redd on the very end right next to Ruby, use the angled brush to pull into the crease taking it all the way over to Mondo/Lain and along the bottom lash line blending with Lain/Mondo. Take the crease brush and blend LIGHTLY (if you do it with a heavy hand it will get washed out). Blend Ruby and Goathead Redd by pulling Ruby towards Goathead Redd.

You will probably need to add more Mondo and Ruby to get the desired saturation. I ended up using about three layers of color to get this coloration.

Add some liner, I chose to do a slight wing followed by mascara and you're done!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Madd Tutorial 13

So I picked up Mo's birthday collection last week and just now decided to break into it =)
I only used one of the colors out of the five, but boy oh boy is it a gorgeous blue <3

Illuminati - Pants off Dance off! - Curiouser & Curiouser

For this look I used:
NYX - eyeshadow base in white & MSC's Awesome Sauce

Pencil brush by War Paint & Blending brush by ELF


Take Illuminati and pat on your eye lid from the duct to about the middle of the lid and to the middle of the lower lash line. You can blend out the edge if desired.

Pants off Dance off!

Play Pants off Dance off! slightly over the edge of Illuminati and take it almost to the end of the lid. With your blending brush pull Illuminati over Pants off Dance off! using a light sweeping motion blend together.

Curiouser & Curiouser

Place Curiouser & Curiouser on the last portion of the eye lid and lower lash line. Blend with your blending brush by first pulling Curiouser & Curiouser over Pants off Dance off! and then adding a little more Pants off Dance off! 

Don't you just hate it when you *think* you've applied your eyeliner flawlessly then take a picture and realize that it's a small train wreck?!?! LOL