Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madd Tutorial 36

Madd mail came the other day, I received the Holiday in Whoville collection and the VERY limited edition Apocalypse Kit grab bag, which is no longer available.

Here is a look I created using one color from each collection plus another color from an older collection.

First apply a good layer of base and Awesome Sauce

I used these three brushes:
Brow - Pointed Blender - Domed Blender
I use these three brushes all the time

Color 1

Take the pointed blender,dip it into Lucky and apply to the inner lid and inner lower lid.

Color 2

Using the same brush(just wipe it off with a soft clean towel)
Apply Cheermeister to the middle lid. Blend Lucky into Cheermeister using the domed blender until you get a smooth color transition.

Color 3
Cheat Code

Using the cleaned off pointed blender add Cheat Code to the outer lid,crease,and lower outer lid. Grab the domed blender and blend Cheat Code into Cheermeister. I use the brow brush to have better control over blending the crease, and to see what I'm going without the bristles being in my way. Then I use the domed blender to soften up the edges.

Add liner and mascara
I use:
ELF liquid eye liner - Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Perversion - NYX JEP in Black Bean - Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Madd Tutorial 35

Teal & Pink!!!
Please excuse the messy brows. I'm growing them out for re-shaping...

Ready for the magic?

Lid prep

Pink #1

Apply Seedless to the inner lid and inner lower lash line.


Add Kozmosis to the middle lid and get ready to use some blendy magic!
Blend Seedless into Kozmosis. This will take a little work since one color is waaaay lighter than the other. Just keep sweeping Seedless over top Kozmosis until there is a smooth color transition, add a little more of which ever color is needed to get the balance right.

Pink #2
Outlaw Star

This is another tuff blend,but it turns out SO pretty!
Slap Outlaw Star on the outer lid, then drag it into the crease all the way to the duct and back along the outer lower lash line. Now blend Outlaw Star over Kozmosis. I played with putting more of each color until I got non blocky blending, then take a crease brush and fade the crease colors together so there is no visible hard line where the colors meet.

I added a thick winged liner and smokey bottom liner to pull this look together

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Madd Tutorial 34

Color request from my dear friend, Brandy!
Snuffy with a POP of color...I wasn't too sure this would turn out so hot,but I was pleasantly surprised.

Eye prep
Base + Awesome Sauce


Apply this gorgeous blue to the inner lid, crease, and inner lower lash line.


This amazing purple is going on the center lid area. Blend Soul Dust into Electric Koolaid, adding more EK over where it is blended to make it more purple than blue.


The yummy, coppery Snuffy is the last color and will go on the outer lid,crease,outer crease, and lower outer lash line. Drag Snuffy all the way to the duct area and blend out so the line isn't harsh. Blend Snuffy into EK adding more EK if needed. Also, blend the lower lash line together.

Liner and mascara

Finished product!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Madd Tutorial 33 (First of The New Year)

Super excited about my first tutorial of the new year, it is gorgeous!!

Per usual is eye prep. Apply base and awesome sauce!

1st Color
Mune Glow

Mune Glow is going to be applied to the inner lid and inner lower lid.

2nd Color

Place Hello,Sweetie on the middle lid and up into the crease. Blend Mune Glow into Hello,Sweetie.

3rd Color
Bowties are cool

Bowties are cool needs to go on the outer portion of the lid,along the outer most portion of the lower lash line, and into the crease until it meets Mune Glow. Blend Bowties are cool into Hello,Sweetie at every spot they meet up.

4th Color

I applied Gossip to the middle of the lower lash line and the outer area where Hello,Sweetie meets Bowties are cool. Be sure to blend them until smooth.
Use Mune Glow to highlight under the brow area and to soften up the edges.

For my liner I did something a little different. 
Apply winged liner on top lid.
Use a white liner on 1/3 of the inner water line (NYX Milk jep) and a black liner on 2/3 of the water line (UD Zero under NYX Black Bean).
Using a smudge stick smoke out the Black Bean and lightly blend the Milk with Black Bean.