Thursday, January 3, 2013

Madd Tutorial 33 (First of The New Year)

Super excited about my first tutorial of the new year, it is gorgeous!!

Per usual is eye prep. Apply base and awesome sauce!

1st Color
Mune Glow

Mune Glow is going to be applied to the inner lid and inner lower lid.

2nd Color

Place Hello,Sweetie on the middle lid and up into the crease. Blend Mune Glow into Hello,Sweetie.

3rd Color
Bowties are cool

Bowties are cool needs to go on the outer portion of the lid,along the outer most portion of the lower lash line, and into the crease until it meets Mune Glow. Blend Bowties are cool into Hello,Sweetie at every spot they meet up.

4th Color

I applied Gossip to the middle of the lower lash line and the outer area where Hello,Sweetie meets Bowties are cool. Be sure to blend them until smooth.
Use Mune Glow to highlight under the brow area and to soften up the edges.

For my liner I did something a little different. 
Apply winged liner on top lid.
Use a white liner on 1/3 of the inner water line (NYX Milk jep) and a black liner on 2/3 of the water line (UD Zero under NYX Black Bean).
Using a smudge stick smoke out the Black Bean and lightly blend the Milk with Black Bean.

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