Friday, March 28, 2014

It's been awhile...

It's been a few months since I've posted anything on my little blog, so here are a few EotD's to show you what gorgeous new things I have had on my face.

I recently stumbled across an amazing little cosmetics company called Notoriously Morbid.
These two ladies have some seriously awesome stuff! I've only tried their eyeshadow so far, but they also have Coffin Kissers aka lip balms, and just released some lovely looking eye liners!

Lioncourt - Boe - Crimson Horror

 Garmonbozia - Zombie Stripper - Big Bird Must Die
She's Full of Secrets - Bram

She's Full of Secrets - Zinthos

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Madd Tutorial 78

Today I bring to you more colors from the Aahh! Real Monsters collection

Normal eye prep

Color 1

Apply Krumm to the inner lid, and inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Add Ickis to the entire crease. Start in the middle, and work your way out so the the color is lighter on the inner crease, and darker on the outer crease.

Color 3
The Snorch

After I blended out Ickis to make it lighter, I applied The Snorch to the area right in front of the outer lid. You want to leave a little room for our last color.
Blend Krumm & Ickis into The Snorch.

Color 4
 The Gromble

Lastly add The Gromble to the very outer portion of the lid, and along the outer lower lash line.
Blend The Gromble into The Snorch & Ickis.

Finish up with some black liner and mascara

Monday, December 9, 2013

Madd Tutorial 77

So, I decided to dip into my Twisted Neverland collection, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.
Fairy Fright is the most amazing color, I really wasn't expecting it to love it SO much.

Eye prep
Base + Awesome Sauce

Color 1
Fairy Fright

Fairy Fright is going to be placed on the inner lid, and along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Now this part gets a little tricky. 
Apply Neverland to the middle lid. Blend Fairy Fright into Neverland.
You're going to need to add more Fairy Fright to the inner lid area, but not so much that you over power Neverland, and not so much that you have an unattractive glob of Fairy Fright by the duct.
Blending, and a light hand is key for this step.

Color 3
Glitter & Doom

Place Glitter & Doom on the outer lid, and outer lower lash line.
Blend Neverland into Glitter & Doom.

Finish off with a black mascara and liner

Hope you enjoyed this look.
Please feel free to make any color suggestions :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Madd Tutorial 76

Simple and sweet
Decided to use two of my favorite neutrals.
 I know I've done another look with these two colors involved, but decided to do one with just the two of them. 

Eye prep
White NYX base + Awesome sauce

1& 2
Honey Rose & Mystery Meat
(picture of Honey Rose went missing >.<)

Start by applying Honey Rose to the inner & middle lid. 
Also, applying along the inner lower lash line.
Now take Mystery Meat, and add it to the outer lid, crease, and outer lower lash line.
Using a fluffy type brush blend out the edges for a soft look.

Add liner & mascara

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Madd Tutorial 75

Get ready to geek out 90's kids...
The amazing Mo over at Madd Style Cosmetics has done it again.
Last month for Halloween she released an amazing collection of pigments inspired by one of my favorite cartoons, Aaahh! Real Monsters.
The collection consists of 5 amazingly gorgeous pigments for the crazy low price of $20. 
There are still some available, so head on over to the site, and grab your set right meow!!!

Color 1

Apply Krumm to the inner & middle lid, staying below the crease.
Also, add to the inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Now add Ickis to the crease, by starting on the outer portion of the lid, and working your way in so that you get a dark to light effect. 
You want the deep crease to be darker while the color towards the duct is lighter.

Color 3

Last color is Oblina. This sassy girl is going on the outer portion of the lid, and outer lower lash line.
Blend Krumm into Oblina & Oblina into Ickis
Then use a fluffy brush to soften the edges, and define your shape a little more.

Apply your favorite liner & mascara.

Thanks for stopping by <3

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Madd Tutorial 74

Earlier in the week I was pondering what kind of look to do my tutorial on, and these three colors came to mind. I though they would look amazing together, and I was right, but then when I was all finished I realized the colors were very familiar, why?
This is why...

So along with my normal base & awesome sauce application, I've been using a new primer one of my girlfriends sent me. It's the Fergie primer. I noticed it gives my eyelids an odd texture, but doesn't effect the application of the pigment. It does however, make them a little brighter.

Color 1
Strax Attack!

Using a "patting" motion you're going to apply Strax Attack! to the inner & middle lid area, being sure to stay below the crease. 
Also, apply along the lower inner lash line.

Color 2
Primary Yellow

Now add Primary Yellow to the crease, going all the way from the inner lid almost to the outer lid.
Blend the crease where Strax Attack! & Primary Yellow meet.

Color 3

Apply Exterminate! to the outer lid, slightly in to the crease, and along the outer lower lash line.
Blend the areas where Exterminate! meets Strax Attack! & Primary Yellow.
Go over any areas that need touching up.

Finish this bold look up with some black liner and mascara.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Madd Tutorial 73

Pretty shades of blue & purples <3

Color 1
Nana's Tea Party

Apply Nana's Tea Party to 2/3 of the lid, or you really could just cover the whole lid, but be sure to stay below the crease, though. 
Also, apply along the lower lash line.

Colors 2 &3
Illuminati & Time In! Time Out!
(because apparently my picture for step 2 got deleted)

Add Illuminati to the crease. Blend colors that meet in the crease area.
Now apply Time In! Time Out! to the outer lid, and outer lower lash line.
Blend Time In! Time Out! into Illuminati & Nana's Tea Party.
When done blending all of the areas that meet, you're going to want to add some more of Nana's Tea Party because it may get a little faded with all the blending. The same thing goes for Illuminati & Time In! Time Out!

Toss on some liner & mascara to bring this look together.