Sunday, November 17, 2013

Madd Tutorial 74

Earlier in the week I was pondering what kind of look to do my tutorial on, and these three colors came to mind. I though they would look amazing together, and I was right, but then when I was all finished I realized the colors were very familiar, why?
This is why...

So along with my normal base & awesome sauce application, I've been using a new primer one of my girlfriends sent me. It's the Fergie primer. I noticed it gives my eyelids an odd texture, but doesn't effect the application of the pigment. It does however, make them a little brighter.

Color 1
Strax Attack!

Using a "patting" motion you're going to apply Strax Attack! to the inner & middle lid area, being sure to stay below the crease. 
Also, apply along the lower inner lash line.

Color 2
Primary Yellow

Now add Primary Yellow to the crease, going all the way from the inner lid almost to the outer lid.
Blend the crease where Strax Attack! & Primary Yellow meet.

Color 3

Apply Exterminate! to the outer lid, slightly in to the crease, and along the outer lower lash line.
Blend the areas where Exterminate! meets Strax Attack! & Primary Yellow.
Go over any areas that need touching up.

Finish this bold look up with some black liner and mascara.

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