Saturday, November 9, 2013

Madd Tutorial 73

Pretty shades of blue & purples <3

Color 1
Nana's Tea Party

Apply Nana's Tea Party to 2/3 of the lid, or you really could just cover the whole lid, but be sure to stay below the crease, though. 
Also, apply along the lower lash line.

Colors 2 &3
Illuminati & Time In! Time Out!
(because apparently my picture for step 2 got deleted)

Add Illuminati to the crease. Blend colors that meet in the crease area.
Now apply Time In! Time Out! to the outer lid, and outer lower lash line.
Blend Time In! Time Out! into Illuminati & Nana's Tea Party.
When done blending all of the areas that meet, you're going to want to add some more of Nana's Tea Party because it may get a little faded with all the blending. The same thing goes for Illuminati & Time In! Time Out!

Toss on some liner & mascara to bring this look together.

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