Sunday, September 29, 2013

Madd Tutorial 68

Orange you glad it's Fall?

Since the official start of Fall was a week ago, I decided to play around with some delicious looking oranges and a gorgeous rusty red.

Color 1

This yummy color is going to go on inner & middle lid (stay below the crease). Then along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Add the orangealicious Exterminate to the crease. Use a firm blending brush to fade the color further up the crease.

Color 3
Genesis Ark

Apply Genesis Ark to the outer lid area, blending it into Dreamsicle & Exterminate.
Also, apply along the outer lower lash line.

Add your favorite liner and mascara to complete this look.
I used ELF liquid liner, UD 24/7 liner in Perversion, and Benefit's They're Real mascara!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Madd Tutorial 67

I've been so sick with my darn allergies for the past week that I haven't worn makeup all week (horrible, I know). Anyyyywho, luckily I had a look from a few weeks ago ready to for today. 
Hope you enjoy this creation.

Color 1 

 Apply Preppy to the inner lid & inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Hoggle & the Bog
Staying below the crease, put a good amount of Hoggle & the Bog on the middle of the lid.

Color 3
Good Morning Miss Bliss

Now add Good Morning Miss Bliss to the crease. Start in the middle, and spread Good Morning Miss Bliss from duct the slightly past the edge of the outer lid.
Blend Hoggle & the Bog into Good Morning Miss Bliss.

Color 4

Dab a bit of KKTY to the outer lid, outer lower lash line, and right on top of where Good Morning Miss Bliss meets KKTY, then blend together. You will need to add some more KKTY after blending.

Finish off with some liner and mascara.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Madd Tutorial 66

Today I have for a you a yummy neutral look with a pop of pink.

Start of this look with your normal eye prep before adding any color.

Color 1
Psychic Paper

Apply Psychic Paper to the inner lid & inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Young Blood

Add Young Blood to the middle & outer lid, staying below the crease. 
Blend Psychic Paper into Young Blood, then take a fluffy brush and blend the edge of Young Blood out.

Color 3
Face of Boe

Take Face of Boe and apply to the crease, all the way to where Psychic Paper is, and slightly above the crease.
Again with a fluffy brush blend the crease colors, and soften the edge.

Color 4
Bowties are Cool

Lastly dab a bit of Bowties are Cool to the outer lid, and along the outer lower lash line.
Blend Bowties are Cool with Face of Boe & Young Blood.

Finished look.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Madd Tutorial 65

Since I can't get enough of the MSC Doctor Who inspired mattes right now, this month I will have two tutorials featuring at least one of these gorgeous mattes...well quite possibly a lot more than one,lol.

First Doctor Who color combo is....

Color 1
Strax Attack!
(I really really really love this blue <3)

This gorgeous blue is going to go on the inner & middle lid. On the middle portion of the lid be sure to stay below the crease.
Also, along the inner bottom lash line.

Color 2
Polkadot Punch

Apply Polkadot Punch in the lower crease and slightly onto the upper crease.
Take a fluffy brush, and bleeeeeeeend the area where Strax Attack! & Polkadot Punch meet.
Add more Strax Attack! after blending.

Color 3
Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey

Lastly add Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey to the outer lid, crease, and outer lower lash line.
Now using a blending brush blend Strax Attack! & Polkadot Punch into Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey.

Finished look