Friday, September 6, 2013

Madd Tutorial 65

Since I can't get enough of the MSC Doctor Who inspired mattes right now, this month I will have two tutorials featuring at least one of these gorgeous mattes...well quite possibly a lot more than one,lol.

First Doctor Who color combo is....

Color 1
Strax Attack!
(I really really really love this blue <3)

This gorgeous blue is going to go on the inner & middle lid. On the middle portion of the lid be sure to stay below the crease.
Also, along the inner bottom lash line.

Color 2
Polkadot Punch

Apply Polkadot Punch in the lower crease and slightly onto the upper crease.
Take a fluffy brush, and bleeeeeeeend the area where Strax Attack! & Polkadot Punch meet.
Add more Strax Attack! after blending.

Color 3
Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey

Lastly add Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey to the outer lid, crease, and outer lower lash line.
Now using a blending brush blend Strax Attack! & Polkadot Punch into Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey.

Finished look

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