Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Madd Tutorial 24

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone!
This evening I have a pretty pink look for you to enjoy.

Prepare the eye lid with some Base and Awesome Sauce

Grab a pencil and blending brush

Using your pencil brush apply Bubble Gum Crisis to the inner lid and inner lower lash line.

Using the same brush add Young Blood to the middle of the lid. Blend (with blending brush) Bubble Gum Crisis into 
Young Blood.

Again,same brush. Pat Cruisin' for a Bruisin' on the outer lid and into the crease. Also, apply along the  outer lower lash line. Grab the blending brush and blend Young Blood into Cruisin' for a Bruisin'. Be sure to blend the crease as well.

Finish up the look with you favorite liner and mascara.
I use these :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Madd Tutorial 23

Are you a fan of Doctor Who?!
I know I am, and I'm pretty sure the owner Mo of MSC is! =P
Mo has put together a brilliant collection of  Doctor Who inspired mattes, that will knock your bow tie off!

You can check them out here

Colors used:


(Hello,Sweetie is pressure sensitive)


These are all applied over Pop'n'Lock and Awesome Sauce

Make sure there is not any excess Awesome Sauce on your lid by blotting it with your finger before applying the mattes because it will make for very uneven saturation.

First apply ALLONS-Y by patting it it on the inner lid, into the middle lid and inner lower lash line

 Then lightly pat on Hello,Sweetie over the middle edge of ALLONS-Y. Blend ALLONS-Y into Hello,Sweetie. Add more pressure as you get to the outer lid edge, so that Hello,Sweetie becomes darker.
You will have to play with Hello,Sweetie a lot to get the right shading since it is pressure sensitive.

Lastly pat Wibbly-Wobbly,Timey-Wimey on the outer lid area and lightly into the crease. Also apply onto the lower lid and blend with ALLONS-Y. Blend Hello,Sweetie into Wibbly-Wobbly,Timey-Wimey 

Add liner and mascara to complete the look

Friday, October 12, 2012

Madd Tutorial 22

This evening I have for you a lovely look featuring the lovely:
Soul Dust ,Foux du Fafa , and Eerie

To get this party started go ahead and apply some base & awesome sauce. 
Grab your brushes and other supplies as well!

Crack open the Soul Dust and pat onto the inner lid and inner lower lash line

Next apply some gorgeous Foux du Fafa on the middle of the lid. Blend Soul Dust into Foux du Fafa.

Lastly pat a good amount of Eerie on the outer lid and outer lower lash line. Blend Foux du Fafa into Eerie.

Finish this look off with some winged liner and mascara!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Madd Tutorial 21

It's that time of year when I break out the oranges!!!

I present to you my October Oranges look 

The colors I used are

Tools & Items:
Awesome Sauce & Pop N' Lock

Pencil Brush & Blending Brush

Step One
Put Drop Dead Fred on the inner lid and inner lower lash line.

Step Two
Now add Citrine to the middle of the lid and blend Drop Dead Fred into Citrine.

Step Three
Apply Tiger's Blood to the outer lid and outer lower lash line, blend Citrine into Tiger's Blood and remember to blend Drop Dead Fred & Tiger's Blood on the lower lash line

Step Four
Add some liner and mascara!