Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Madd Tutorial 60

Have you ever wanted to know how brown, citrus, and coral colors could possibly work together?
Well tonight is your lucky night!

Per usual - prep those lids.

Color 1
Pawn Shop

Slap some of the lovely Pawn Shop onto the inner lid and along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Miss Take

Dab Miss Take on the middle lid - being sure to stay below the crease.
Blend Pawn Shop into Miss Take.

Color 3

Now add Orc to the outer lid. Also, keep this color slightly below the crease.
Blend Miss Take into Orc.

Color 4
Penny Lane

Swipe some Penny Lane into that empty crease.
Blend the crease.

Color 5

Lastly, line the outer & middle bottom lash line with Citrine.

Put on your favorite liner and mascara to complete this look.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Madd Tutorial 59

I was feeling a bit...dramatic this morning,lol.
...I think my eye makeup choice reflects this.
Obviously this is a bit dark, and really better suited for a night time look, but I love the way it turned out, and I hope you agree.

Get your canvas ready.

Color 1
Across The Wall

Start off by making a very dramatic dark cut crease with Across The Wall.
I started on the outer crease, and worked my way inward - being sure to lighten my hand as I got closer to the duct. Then I added the line going down to the top lash line.
Take a blending brush, and blend out the edge.

Color 2
Sea Witch

Now apply Sea Witch to about 2/3 of the lid - right below Across The Wall
Also, apply on the inner lower lash line.
Take you blending brush and bleeeeeeeeeend the crease just so there isn't a huge gap in color..

Color 3
Sugar Plum

Add Sugar Plum to that little naked spot left on the lid. You'll cover over a little bit of Sea Witch, so just blend the two together where they meet. Again blend the crease.

After all you blending is done you'll want to go back over Across The Wall to darken it.
You're going to want to bring Across The Wall down to the outer lower lash line.

Add your favorite liner & mascara to finish the look.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

madd Tutorial 58

It's 1 a.m., and I can't sleep, ugh.
Guess I'll us my insomnia to my advantage :P

For this early morning tutorial I have for you some teal and black action.

The all important eye prep.

Color 1

Dab Pisces on the duct area - slightly onto the inner lid, and along the inner bottom lash line.

Color 2
Seafoam and Children's Tears

Next apply Seafoam and Children's Tears to the middle lid. Be sure to stay below the crease.
Blend Pisces into Seafoam and Children's Tears.

Color 3

Add Ribbons to the crease. Starting where Pisces ended, and stopping where Seafoam and Children's Tears ends.
Blend the crease & duct area.

Color 4
Raven Feathers

Apply Raven Feathers to the outer lid, slightly into the outer crease, and along the outer lower lash line.
Blend Seafoam and Children's Tears & Ribbons into Raven Feathers
Add more Ravens Feathers after you have blended the three to darken it up a bit more.
Take a fluffly brush and soften up the edges.

Add those ever important finishing touches, and done!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Madd Tutorial 57

Oh boy! Do I have a color combo for you this afternoon!!!
It involves three mattes from the Doctor Who inspired mattes collection <3

Ok. To start off you're going to do normal eye prep, but with a tiny exception. 
If you're going to use Awesome Sauce - like I always do, be sure to use a VERY minimal amount and that it is very very very well blended/absorbed into the base before starting color application.
The reason for this is that I've noticed if the application on Awesome Sauce is uneven or too much in any way you can end up with weird saturation patches...which we clearly do not want. 

With mattes it's all about building the color. So it will take a few pats/dips of the brush to get the correct saturation of color. Also, I find it easier if I "pat" the layer on, rather than using a "sweeping" motion.

 Color 1

Start off by dipping your brush in Strax Attack! Then pat on the inner & middle lid, stopping short of the crease. Also, along the inner lower lash line. 
(even though I added it to the bottom lash line after the fact, you can do it will applying it now)

Color 2

Again with the "patting" motion - pat Stormageddon onto the outer lid & outer lower lash line, then take it up into the crease, stopping about mid lid. 
Now take a fluffy brush and smooth out the edge.

Color 3
Secondary Purple

Now for the "sweeping" motion. After getting some Secondary Purple into the brush you're going to sweep it onto the middle & inner crease - going all the way to the duct area with it.
Blend Secodary Purple into Stormageddon. Then add some more Stormageddon.
DO NOT blend Strax Attack! into the crease color just yet.

Color 4
Weeping Angel

Noooooow, you get to fill the color gap in the crease with the lovely Weeping Angel.
With the sweeping motion blend the crease colors together. You will more than likely need to add some more Strax Attack! when you're done blending - I know I did!
Grab that fluffy brush again, and blend out the edges so that they're not super crisp, unless you would like them that way.

Add liner & mascara!