Thursday, October 31, 2013

Madd Tutorial 72


Still don't have an idea of what non costume related makeup to wear this evening, and don't want a super dark & heavy look?
Have no fear because I've come up with one for you 

Start with some eye prep

Color 1
Milk Bar

Start by applying Milk Bar to the inner lid & inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Ultra Violence

Next grab Ultra Violence, and apply to the middle lid. Staying below the crease.
Blend Milk Bar into Ultra Violence.
You'll need to use about 4 "layers" of Ultra Violence because it is a little sheer upon application.

Color 3
Horror Galore

Now add Horror Galore to the crease. 
Blend the crease area where the colors meet, so that they are mixed together.

Color 4
Trick 'r Treat

Lastly apply Trick 'r Treat to the outer lid & lower outer lash line.
Blend where colors meet, and reapply any of the colors that you feel need to "pop" some more.

Apply your liner & mascara

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog :D

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Madd Tutorial 71

Are you ready for a spooktacular green & purple look?
Great, because I cooked up a super pretty look for you.

Normal base & awesome sauce application

Color 1

This gorgeous olive green is going to be placed on the inner lid, and along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Record Toss

Take some Record Toss, and apply it to the middle lid. Be sure to stay below the crease.
Blend Zombieland into Record Toss.

Color 3
Infinite Ammo

Add Infinite Ammo to the crease.
Blend Zombieland into Infinite Ammo, and blend Infinite Ammo into Record Toss.

Color 4
Zombie Bait

Now add Zombie Bait to the outer lid, and outer lower lash line.
Blend Record Toss & Infinite Ammo into Zombie Bait, then add more Zombie Bait.

Toss on some liner & mascara

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Madd Tutorial 70

Good evening, all.
Are you ready for a gorgeous lavender, teal, and blue look?
You are? Good, because I have a stunning look ready for your viewing pleasure.

I'm not sure why the right portion of the photos look so odd...they look normal on my pc, but when I upload them to blogger they look very off.

Color 1

Apply Revenge on 2/3rds of the eye lid, and then along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Now take Ribbons,  put Ribbons over top the ending portion of Revenge, and into the crease.
Blend Revenge into Ribbons. Add more Ribbons when done blending.

Color 3
Space Oddity

Add Space Oddity to the outer portion of the lid, and above Ribbons in the crease. 
Then apply to the outer lower lash line.
Blend Ribbons into Space Oddity.
Once everything is blended you will need to go back over Ribbons and Space Oddity to make them darker.

Finish off by adding your favorite liner & mascara

Friday, October 11, 2013

Madd Tutorial 69

Did you buy the Pumpkin King grab bag, and aren't really sure what to do with these awesome colors? 
Well, have no fear, for I have come up with a SUPER simple two color look that will make your heart swoon, and get you out the door in a hurry.

Start with using a white base & some Awesome Sauce. 
This will really make the main color in this look POP.

Color 1

I know what you're thinking "White? All over the lid?! Are you mad?"
We'll maybe I am a little mad, but aren't we all?!
But this is a super special white, that isn't what it seems.
Trust me, and slather a healthy amount of Zero on the inner lid, middle lid, crease, and inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Ragdoll Lover

Add Ragdoll Lover to the outer lid, upper crease, and outer lower lash line.
Take a blending brush, and blend where Zero & Ragdoll Lover come together.

Lastly add your favorite liner & mascara.