Thursday, May 30, 2013

Madd Tutorial 52

Need to get out the door in a hurry? 
Well, I may have the makeup solution for you!
I took these four pigments, three of them similar in color so that a huge amount of blending is not needed to achieve this sultry look.

Start with a blank canvas, and apply your base & awesome sauce

Color 1
Tiny Dancer

Dip your brush into Tiny Dancer apply to the inner lid & up into the crease.

Color 2
Sugar Plum

 Now take Sugar Plum, and add it to the middle lid & into the crease.
Blend Tiny Dancer into Sugar Plum.

Color 3 
The Winchester

Grab some of The Winchester onto your brush, and apply to the outer lid into the crease all the way over to Tiny Dancer.
Blend The Winchester into Sugar Plum, and blend the crease colors together.

Color 4

Take Steampunk and apply along the bottom lash line and slightly onto the outer lid.

Finished look

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Madd Tutorial 51

By request here is my interpretation of a mint and coral look.

Applied NYX base and MSC awesome sauce

Color 1
Wishes & Wonders

Place a small amount of Wishes & Wonders in the duct area slightly onto the inner lid, and along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2

Apply Lucky to the lower half of the middle lid, and blend into Wishes & Wonders.

Color 3
Miss Take

Add Miss Take to the upper middle lid, in the crease, and into the duct. Blend the seam of the colors together.

Color 4
Peep Show

Lastly put some Peep Show on the outer lid, up into the crease over lapping the end portion of Miss Take, and along the lower outer lash line. Then blend until the colors are blended smoothly.

Add liner & mascara to finish off the look

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Madd Tutorial 50

So, I attempted a black & gold look for this tutorial, but it did not come out AT ALL. 
It looked hideous, and I will attempt to do it again at some point next week.

Any-who, back to the main attraction!!
I was standing there in front of my piggies, pondering what to do; when this color combo caught my eye!

After selecting the colors; I gathered my tool.

Then I sat down, and prepped my lid.

Color 1

Grab a good amount of Gloomcookie onto your brush, and apply it to the inner lid, and into the crease.

Color 2

Dab your brush into Zombieland, then apply it to the middle lid, and up into the crease.
 Blend Gloomcookie into Zombieland.

Color 3

Generate some Regeneration onto your brush (by dabbing it in there of course!)
Then add this gorgeous brown the outer lid, and slightly in the crease over Zombieland. You will need to add a few layer to get the full effect.
Blend Regeneration into Zombieland.

Color 4
Pool of Tears

Use Pool of Tears to line the bottom lash line.

I decided to do a dainty double wing with a simple black water line.

Thanks for look, and I hope you enjoyed this look!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madd Tutorial 49

Good afternoon! 
Today I have for you a neutral look with a tiny pop of color, enjoy.

Normal eye prep of base, and awesome sauce

Color 1
Dirty Chai 
Apply Dirty Chai to the inner lid, and into the crease.

Color 2
Add a generous amount of Champloo to the middle lid, and into the crease.
Blend Dirty Chai into Champloo.

Color 3 
Cocoa Puff 
Cocoa Puff is going to go on the outer lid, into the crease all the way over to meet with Dirty Chai.
Blend Champloo into Cocoa Puff, adding more Cocoa Puff to make it darker. Then blend the crease.

Color 4
Line the entire bottom lash line with Charming.

Add your liner and mascara.

Ransom on the entire waterline & Perversion on the outer edge of the waterline.