Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madd Tutorial 49

Good afternoon! 
Today I have for you a neutral look with a tiny pop of color, enjoy.

Normal eye prep of base, and awesome sauce

Color 1
Dirty Chai 
Apply Dirty Chai to the inner lid, and into the crease.

Color 2
Add a generous amount of Champloo to the middle lid, and into the crease.
Blend Dirty Chai into Champloo.

Color 3 
Cocoa Puff 
Cocoa Puff is going to go on the outer lid, into the crease all the way over to meet with Dirty Chai.
Blend Champloo into Cocoa Puff, adding more Cocoa Puff to make it darker. Then blend the crease.

Color 4
Line the entire bottom lash line with Charming.

Add your liner and mascara.

Ransom on the entire waterline & Perversion on the outer edge of the waterline.

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