Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madd Tutorial 4

Good evening, everyone!
Yesterday my camera decided to take lovely non washed out pictures,yay!!
So today I have for you, by request,a look using: green,purple and black.

Suckerpunch - Curiouser & Curiouser - Oogie Boogie

For this look I used NYX shadow base & Awesome Sauce

Pencil - Warpaint / Contour - e.l.f. / Blending - Eco Tools

Start off by applying base + Awesome Sauce, let dry.
Then pat Suckerpunch from the duct to the end of the iris, it does't have to look nice, it will get all blended together with the second color. I used the pencil and contour brush for this part.

Now gently pat Curiouser & Curiouser on the edge working your way towards Suckerpunch.
Bleeeeeeeend together very well! It took me awhile to get this to look the way it does.

Take Oogie Boogie and carefully swipe along the entire lower lash line and onto the outer corner of your eye  ( this will go over the outer edge portion of C&C)

Put on your finishing touches. I used NYX jep in black bean,some basic black liner on the water line, E.L.F liquid liner in black(not pictures) and Rimmel's Lash Accelerator in black.

Finished look

Hope you enjoyed!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Madd Tutorial 3

Good Evening!
Tonight I have for you a lovely & light spring inspired look featuring:

Girl With The Most Cake - Cuddlefish - Who R U?

First apply your base & some Awesome Sauce

First color is Girl With The Most Cake, pat that on the inner corner and along the whole lower lash line.

Second color is Cuddlefish, pat on and blend into Girl With The Most Cake.

Third and last color is Who R U? Pat and swipe on the outer portion of the upper lid.
it turned out brighter than I intended so I put some Cuddlefish over top

Cuddlefish over top Who R U?

Add you liner and mascara, I use these items.

And done!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Madd Tutorial 2

Good day! Today I'm writing this tut from bed with a heating pad on my left kidney and advil in hand, kidneys stones are not fun. :(

I decided to title this look
"Coffee Clouds"

My handy brushes

Start your look off right with PnL & Awesome Sauce

I like to choose my colors while Awesome Sauce is drying.
First color, the yummy Dirty Chai

Pat some Dirty Chai on the eyelid up to the where the iris starts. Apply along the bottom lash line to the middle

Cloud City in the middle

Pat on Cloud City from Dirty Chai almost to the end of the eyelid, blend Dirty Chai in towards Cloud City. 
Leave enough room for the last color.

Now it's time for FRESH POTS!

Pat on FRESH POTS! Blend Cloud City towards FRESH POTS! and blend until the color transition looks nice. Also add some FRESH POTS! to the bottom lash line and blend with Dirty Chai

Add liner and mascara to the finish eyeshadow and you now have Coffee Clouds :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My first tutorial as a Madd Model!

Hello my lovely readers,I have a bit of exciting news! 
On Monday I was asked by the ever awesome Mo Love, owner of Madd Style Cosmetics, to be one of her Madd Models!!! 
So, today I have for you my first tutorial as a Madd Model. I was having camera and lighting issues the day I did this, so the photos are not as great as I would like them to have been,but I hope you enjoy the look.

For this look you will need:
Gunslinger Girl - Mondo - Bliss Junky - Moth

I started of with the MSC base PnL & Awesome Sauce
Apply a good medium layer of base & just a dab of Awesome Sauce

E.L.F Pro- Blending Brush & Eco Tools - Smudge Brush


Apply Moth from the tear duct to where the iris(colored portion) of you eye is.
Also, apply along the lower lash line in the same fashion.

You can't see it very well, but it's there!

Bliss Junky

Next, apply Bliss Junky from the beginning of the iris to slightly past the end of it.
Blend Moth into Bliss Junky


Apply Mondo, working from the outside in and then blend into Bliss Junky from the inside out. Then add some to the middle of the lower lash line.

Gunslinger Girl

Lastly color! Swipe Gunslinger Girl along the outer edge of the lower lash line, allowing it to blend with Mondo.

Add your finishing touches and done!

I hope you enjoyed my first Madd tutorial! 
If you have any color request, please let me know! <3