Thursday, May 3, 2012

My first tutorial as a Madd Model!

Hello my lovely readers,I have a bit of exciting news! 
On Monday I was asked by the ever awesome Mo Love, owner of Madd Style Cosmetics, to be one of her Madd Models!!! 
So, today I have for you my first tutorial as a Madd Model. I was having camera and lighting issues the day I did this, so the photos are not as great as I would like them to have been,but I hope you enjoy the look.

For this look you will need:
Gunslinger Girl - Mondo - Bliss Junky - Moth

I started of with the MSC base PnL & Awesome Sauce
Apply a good medium layer of base & just a dab of Awesome Sauce

E.L.F Pro- Blending Brush & Eco Tools - Smudge Brush


Apply Moth from the tear duct to where the iris(colored portion) of you eye is.
Also, apply along the lower lash line in the same fashion.

You can't see it very well, but it's there!

Bliss Junky

Next, apply Bliss Junky from the beginning of the iris to slightly past the end of it.
Blend Moth into Bliss Junky


Apply Mondo, working from the outside in and then blend into Bliss Junky from the inside out. Then add some to the middle of the lower lash line.

Gunslinger Girl

Lastly color! Swipe Gunslinger Girl along the outer edge of the lower lash line, allowing it to blend with Mondo.

Add your finishing touches and done!

I hope you enjoyed my first Madd tutorial! 
If you have any color request, please let me know! <3



  1. Beautiful!!! I <3 me some purple!! Now I need to figure out how to get mah hands on some Bliss Junky!! ;-)

  2. Lovely!!! And a super duper first tutorial!! :)

  3. Yay! Look forward to many more as I LOVE your color combos!

  4. Thank you,ladies! I'll have to say this did come out pretty awesome and I loooove my purples:)

    Brandy- I think Lain has the same color effect as Bliss Junky, but it is more blue than purple.