Friday, May 11, 2012

Madd Tutorial 2

Good day! Today I'm writing this tut from bed with a heating pad on my left kidney and advil in hand, kidneys stones are not fun. :(

I decided to title this look
"Coffee Clouds"

My handy brushes

Start your look off right with PnL & Awesome Sauce

I like to choose my colors while Awesome Sauce is drying.
First color, the yummy Dirty Chai

Pat some Dirty Chai on the eyelid up to the where the iris starts. Apply along the bottom lash line to the middle

Cloud City in the middle

Pat on Cloud City from Dirty Chai almost to the end of the eyelid, blend Dirty Chai in towards Cloud City. 
Leave enough room for the last color.

Now it's time for FRESH POTS!

Pat on FRESH POTS! Blend Cloud City towards FRESH POTS! and blend until the color transition looks nice. Also add some FRESH POTS! to the bottom lash line and blend with Dirty Chai

Add liner and mascara to the finish eyeshadow and you now have Coffee Clouds :)


  1. I am going to do this today....and you can't stop me!!!! :P

    1. I sure can't, but I demand pics,lady!