Saturday, January 19, 2013

Madd Tutorial 35

Teal & Pink!!!
Please excuse the messy brows. I'm growing them out for re-shaping...

Ready for the magic?

Lid prep

Pink #1

Apply Seedless to the inner lid and inner lower lash line.


Add Kozmosis to the middle lid and get ready to use some blendy magic!
Blend Seedless into Kozmosis. This will take a little work since one color is waaaay lighter than the other. Just keep sweeping Seedless over top Kozmosis until there is a smooth color transition, add a little more of which ever color is needed to get the balance right.

Pink #2
Outlaw Star

This is another tuff blend,but it turns out SO pretty!
Slap Outlaw Star on the outer lid, then drag it into the crease all the way to the duct and back along the outer lower lash line. Now blend Outlaw Star over Kozmosis. I played with putting more of each color until I got non blocky blending, then take a crease brush and fade the crease colors together so there is no visible hard line where the colors meet.

I added a thick winged liner and smokey bottom liner to pull this look together

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