Thursday, January 10, 2013

Madd Tutorial 34

Color request from my dear friend, Brandy!
Snuffy with a POP of color...I wasn't too sure this would turn out so hot,but I was pleasantly surprised.

Eye prep
Base + Awesome Sauce


Apply this gorgeous blue to the inner lid, crease, and inner lower lash line.


This amazing purple is going on the center lid area. Blend Soul Dust into Electric Koolaid, adding more EK over where it is blended to make it more purple than blue.


The yummy, coppery Snuffy is the last color and will go on the outer lid,crease,outer crease, and lower outer lash line. Drag Snuffy all the way to the duct area and blend out so the line isn't harsh. Blend Snuffy into EK adding more EK if needed. Also, blend the lower lash line together.

Liner and mascara

Finished product!

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