Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dr. Frankenstein

The colors that adorned my eyelids yesterday!
I call this look Dr.Frankenstein. 
All colors used are from Madd Style Cosmetics. My favorite indie brand for eyeshadow and lip balm =)
First I start off with your eyeshadow base then I add a little Awesome Sauce to help everything think stick and look super pretty.

                        I use a concealer brush to apply my base                           
First color is Dr.Finkelstein which is from the Nightmare before Christmas Collection which is no longer available
Apply to inner duct area and take it just a little bit past were your lashes start
Second color is Frankenstein
which is slightly darker than Dr.Finkelstein
Next apply Frankenstein to the middle portion of the lid, bringing it slightly past the middle

Last color is a Greyish Blue/Black from the UiS Collection which is no longer available

Apply to the outer portion of the lid and drag under to the bottom lid. Now using what product is on you brush lightly pull the color along top of were you can feel your orbital bone all the way to the duct. Do this very lightly until you get the desired amount of color. Be sure to blend along the bottom lash line.

Lastly add your favorite eyeliner and mascara and you're done!

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