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Noella Beauty Works Review

Noella Beauty Works

I stumbled upon Noella Beauty Works all natural mineral makeup while browsing the plethora of beauty pages on Facebook one night and decided to contact the owner Jackie about doing a review. 
She kindly informed me what was included in the reviewer kit and of the cost. Her review kit is VERY reasonably priced and you get a lot of product colors to sample. For under $10 I received 2 full size 5g jars in the colors of my choice,4 sample sizes in the colors of my choice and 5 random colors.

Here is a little info about the company
"Noella Beauty Works offers all natural mineral cosmetics. All my cosmetics are completely natural, non irritating, won't clog pores and never contain synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens or preservatives. You'll also never find any Boron Nitrate, Bismuth Oxychloride or fillers like Talc or Cornstarch in my cosmetics.
Each and every product and shade is personally handmade by me in my studio in Rochester, NY. I strive to offer top quality makeup, that is not only good for your skin but has excellent payoff and a friendly price tag."

My package arrived  in a standard mailer. Inside the mailer was a little brown paper box type item that was inside of bubble wrap, which contained my eye shadows. Also, a business card with a little note on it. I love handwritten notes! I adore the packaging, it fits in with the all naturalness of the product. 

I swatched all the colors I received
The samples come in small baggies, but there is enough product for 4-8 uses depending how saturated you want your colors
The left side is over NYX Shadow Base in White/ Left side is on bare skin

You can get the full size jars without sifters if preferred,but I personally like them. They also come with a clear round sticker with a tab over the sifter.

The color descriptions are that of Noella Beauty Works

Sugared Plum
 A medium purple with soft brown undertones, a beautiful shimmer and a light smokey effect. Awesome shade for all eye colors. 

A beautiful, burnt orange with golden undertones and a beautiful shimmer. A spiced up neutral. Pumpkin pairs beautifully with all eye colors, but pairs excellently with brown eyes.

A beautiful, deep russet red with strong copper undertones. A soft orange sheen. This is a very bold color, but will pair beautiful with most eye colors- especially darker eye colors. 
Russet has a high sheen and a medium shimmer.

Deep Waters
 A beautiful, medium blue with strong green undertones and a beautiful shimmer. A wonderful shade for all eye colors. Great for a day at the beach or to brighten up a winter day!

A beautifully light purple, wonderful for green or hazel eyes. Lilac has a medium shimmer and sheen.

Mango Berry
A beautiful, summery bright orange with very strong pink undertones. Perfect for all eye colors, but especially browns.

Silver Moss
Silver Moss is a beautiful silver with strong gray and sea foam undertones. A velvety smooth finish with a beautiful sheen and a very soft shimmer.

A medium, earthy green. An awesome color for green and hazel eyes. Parsley has a beautiful sheen and a moderate shimmer.

A beautiful medium shade mossy green with strong golden undertones. Beautiful for all eye colors but especially green and hazel. Sencha is a shimmery shade with a beautiful sheen.

Rose Silk
A soft, rosy pink with soft plum undertones. Soft shimmery . Perfect for simple, casual outfits, but certainly can be played up to make any eye color pop, especially greens and hazels.
Chrysanthemum is a pretty, salmon pink with a beautiful shimmer. Perfect for all eye colors.

Silver Moss - Deep Waters - Parsley

Rose Silk - Sencha - Lilac - Sugared Plum

Mango Berry - Pumpkin - Chrysanthemum - Russet

The look I created 

What I thought of Noella Beauty Works

  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Very pigmented even for subtle colors
  • Awesome color pay off
  • Great customer service
  • Cute natural themed packaging
  • All natural & cruelty free
  • Fast Shipping
  • None as far as I can tell =)

I truly loved all the eye shadows I tried. The colors go on smooth,there is no muddiness,great color pay off. Jackie provided excellent customer service. 
The company also makes foundation,blush,and concealer. 

I will definitely be purchasing more eye shadows from here in the future! 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to review your products,Jackie!

Where you can buy and find out more info

These are my honest opinions of what I though of the products.
I was not paid to write this review. I bought the review kit with my own money,it was not given to me. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.It is greatly 
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