Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Furless Review

I had not heard of Furless Makeup & Brushes until about a month ago when one of my fellow blogger/makeup fiend Kristina Stone had done a review on a few of their products.
Furless is a CRUELTY free makeup & brush company from Australia.
I really liked what Kristina had to say about the brand so I figured I would write into them and see if I could do a review for them as well. It only took a few shorts days to hear back from them. I conversed with Coralie through a few email exchanges and within 3 days of me sending her my shipping info she had my parcel shipped,now that is some awesome customer service!

How my Furless goodies arrived 
They have some seriously cute packaging

For my review I was sent the:

This adorable mini eco travel makeup brush set consists of a powder brush a blush brush 2 eyeshadow brushes a crease brush and lash/brow groomer!
(Please excuse any makeup on the brushes)

This brush doesn't contain any goat hair but it IS duo length! WOOT WOOT! Use this fibre optic brush for a stippling effect, applying your cream or liquid foundation, or to  apply mineral foundations for that air-brushed look.

Our Furless makeup  pencil sharpener is double ended to fit both thick and thin pencils. It holds the shavings inside keeping your makeup kit and work space clean and tidy.
Our smoky blue eyshadow "Savvy" is perfect for creating a sultry smoky eye with a dash of colour. Apply it wet for a dramatic wash of colour, or use as an eyeliner.
Left=bare skin  Right=NYX Shadow Base in White

I absolutely adored every item I was sent to review!
I would wholeheartedly recommend you try out their brushes, they are AMAZING!
The brushes are so very soft. Every synthetic brush I've had has felt like plastic,but these beauties are so unbelievable soft that you would think they were actual fur. Excellent travel size.
The sharpener works well and it's nice not to have to sharpen my pencils over a trash can,lol. Very nice for travel.
The eyeshadow I received is a very lovely deep blue. I was kind of  disappointed that the shadow did not show up very well at all without a base. I'm not sure if it is just this color that doesn't adhere to bare skin or if the others are also like this and even though you absolutely need a base under this I still love the color and how smooth the product gos on.

Rating all the items I got on a scale from 1-5 stars
1=would not purchase 2=may think about purchasing 3=would purchase to try it out 4=would definitely without a doubt purchase 5=would definitely without a doubt purchase/gift/recommend

I would give the
 Savvy 3 stars
Where you can purchase Furless 
You can also follow them on Facebook
Thank you so so much for letting me review your products Furless
I appreciate the opportunity very much.

These are my honest opinions of what I though of the products.
I was sent these items for review however I was not paid to write this review.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.It is greatly appreciated!
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I am not affiliated with this company.

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