Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MSC Bday Grab Bag

So back on the 22nd of July was Miss Mozie's birthday(the wonderful lady behind MSC). To let us celebrate with her she made these awesome birthday bags that were $15. They consisted of 2 piggies of your choice, 1 never before seen piggie (which was All That Glitters),1 never before seen item(which as a pink tinted healing lip balm), and 1 random back stash MSC item. She also released 6 new colors that day!
  • Graffiti Jungle is a jungle green with royal blue sheen and rainbow shimmer.
  • Gunslinger Girl is a purple toned taupe color with beautiful gunsmoke silver glitter.
  • Horror Galore is a confused little sprite. He looks grey in the jar,but when swatched he turns brown and has an amazing emerald green duo-chrome!
  • Seaglasm was best described as "seaglass" by a fan of MSC. It's blue-green tones and silver frost remind me of waves crashing in the ocean.
  • Petal Parade is a shimmery pastel purple with violet glitz.
  • All That Glitters
These are MSC shop descriptions.

Standard packaging is a manilla brad fastened envelope,shipping label on front,adorable pink & black zebra tape on the back covering the brad. There is a Pay Pal packing slip included. All items are neatly arranged in a zip baggie,if baggie is larger than needed it is folded over and sealed with a cute sticker.

I ordered 1 of the birthday bags and 1 of the newly brought back lip balms,which are to die for!
The 2 colors I chose were Gunslinger Girl & Horror Galore. My healing lip balm was in the pink icing scent and my "surprise" item was a lip balm in the scent of Float, which smells like a soda float. The other lip balm I purchased was Frankencake, which smells like cake batter =)

Swatches from top to bottom:
  • Gunslinger Girl
  • All That Glitters
  • Horror Galore

Thank you for reading !

I am not affiliated with any of these products. Just an avid fan =)

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