Friday, July 29, 2011

Toxic Blood & Sugar

This look is called "Toxic Blood & Sugar"

My weapons of choice:
Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara in black
Almay liquid eyeliner in black
NYX shadow base in white
NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean
NYX "mood" lip gloss
MSC Awesome sauce
MSC pigments in Young Blood/ Toxic Love Spell / Sugar Plum

Below are swatches from top to bottom: Sugar Plum/ Young Blood / Toxic Love Spell
  • Sugar Plum is a shimmery plum purple with pink undertones.
  • Young Blood is a deep magenta with silver sparkle.
  • Toxic Love Spell is a sparkling eggplant color with lots of multi-colored glitz.
These are the shop descriptions of the colors.

First apply the NYX shadow base with my finger until I get the amount of coverage I like.
Then apply the foiling medium and let set/dry until "tacky." Pick up a good amount of Young Blood(I love this color, it like a cranberry color) and pat from the duct inward to the middle of the eye lid and blend out and make a little line at the crease. Put some more Young Blood on your brush and dab along the lower lash line. I used about 3 coats on the top and bottom to get this shade.

Be sure you wipe of or use a new brush for the next color. Then dab you brush in Toxic Love Spell (This is a smokey purple to me)and pat on the outer corner of the eye lid and blend it lightly into Young Blood. Next pull some of the Toxic Love Spell down to the lower lash line and blend into Young Blood. Again about 3 coats for this color as well. Pat it on the lower lash line after the first initial application of it to that area.

Last color is the ever so lovely Sugar Plum. One of my favorite purples!
You can use the same brush you used for Toxic Love spell, just make sure there's not too much of it left on the brush. Dip you brush into Sugar Plum and Work it from the outer edge of the lid all the way to the duct. Use a sweeping motion. Use your blending brush to blend the top so it doesn't look funky.

Then add what ever liner & mascara you desire & voilĂ  !

For my lips I used some MSC awesome sauce as a lip plumper! On top of the NYX "mood" lip gloss, followed by some foiled Young Blood. Topped off with more NYX "mood" gloss.

I am not affiliated with any of these products. Just an avid fan =)

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