Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Killa Monroe Review

 About a week ago I won a contest on Killa Monroe's Facebook page, the prize was a full sample set of her newest collection called Mystic Falls, which was inspired by Vampire Diaries.  
 My samples were shipped of the day after I had won the contest. The contest was to guess the names of all the colors in the collection.
 So without further a due  let me introduce you to Killa Monroe ! 

About Killa Monroe:
  Killa Monroe is a brand new indie mineral makeup company, woman owned & based out of California. Opened up in 2011 but dreamt of for years :) 

Killa Monroe offers special blends of multi-use products, from the extremely sparkly to creamy matte. All of the ingredients used are not only listed at the website, but on each jar as well so you know what you're putting on your skin, eyes, lips and nails. Also included on the jars are the approved uses, so you don't have to wonder about where you can use the product, that information is right there readily available to you :) While our line is relatively new, we will be expanding our inventory to include lipglosses, special fx products and more.

Each product is made by me personally. I put a lot of thought and a lot of love into each and every product that's sold at Killa Monroe. My goal is that Killa Monroe provides you with quality, safe, fun and unique options in cosmetics.

I hope to inspire, I hope to educate, I hope to promote self-confidence and so much more. Each of us are unique.... our makeup should accentuate that.

                                    How my package arrived. Bubble envelope (front & back)

                                                                  What was inside
                                             I love personal touches, like handwritten notes <3

     1.Compelled - I would describe this color as a sandy brown, skin toned color. Perfect for a soft highlight.

      2.Immortal Sorrow - I would describe this color as a deep navy greyish blue. Would go nicely with a smokey eye look.

     3.Envious - I would describe this color as a golden mossy green. A very earthy green.

     4.Brothers Keeper - I would describe this color as...well this one is really hard to describe,it's absolutely like nothing I've ever seen. It's a light plumy,pink,gold color. I have to say this is my personal favorite <3

      5.Desired - I would describe this color as a pinkish toned red,maybe dark coral color. Very gorgeous.
    6.Wicked - I would describe this color as a dusty purple with a golden shimmer.

     7.Howling - This is a loose micro glitter in red / silver / and I think black. Super sparkly!

    8.Guardian - This is a also a loose micro glitter in a lovely blue / silver / and again I think black. The blue glittery is gorgeous.

                                                                      (from left - right)  
                                                        Swatches are on bare skin with no primer      
          Howling / Guardian / Envious / Brothers Keeper / Wicked / Immortal Sorrow / Desired / Compelled

                                                                     The look I created

    So what did I think of Killa Monroe you ask?

    • The colors are very impressively pigmented.
    • The prices are  super reasonable. $2.50 for a 3g sample jar $5.50 for 5g full size jar.
    • There is a wide variety of colors. From bright to the more subdued.
    • She is a super sweet gal!
    • Pigments are super blend-able & silky smooth
    • Shimmery and Glittery
    • They hold up to Texas heat & humidity!!!!
    • I didn't find out about this company sooner! =)
    • There are no cons that I can really think of.
     You can purchase Killa Monroe products here - http://www.killamonroe.com/
    You can follow Killa  Monroe on Facebook here - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Killa-Monroe/201418093222509?sk=info

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog/review. It is greatly appreciated!
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    I am NOT affiliated with the Killa Monroe brand. I recieved these sampled by winning a contest.

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