Thursday, March 28, 2013

Madd Tutorial 44

Still on the fence about MSC's Emerald City grab bag?
Well don't be because it's pretty darn awesome, and won't be around forever! 
Also, the three greens in this grab bag are PERFECT for creating an Ombré (gradient) green look.
If that's not good enough then here is this look featuring ALL of the colors from the grab bag.

Now onto the tutorial!

After the normal eye prep you're going to grab Wishes & Wonders.
Wishes & Wonders in going to go on the inner lid, blended out into the crease.

Next you're going to use Emerald City.
Apply Emerald City to the middle lid, and slightly in the crease. Blend Wishes & Wonders over Emerald City, adding more Wishes & Wonders as you blend.

Then comes Great & Powerful.
Great & Powerful is going to go on the outer lid, and slightly above the crease just like the others. Blend Great & Powerful over Emerald City.

Last color used is going to be Winkie.
Apply Winkie to the entire bottom lash line.

For an added pop (which totally isn't picked up on my camera) I added the Bad Witch glitter over top Great & Powerful. 

 Then applied my normal liner and mascara.