Friday, March 8, 2013

Madd Tutorial 41

In honor of  Comet PAN-STARRS  coming into view for the Northern hemisphere this evening, I decided to do a "celestial" EotD! 

Start of by prepping the eye lid, as usual.

I used my handy dandy brushes that I always use

The First color I'm going to use I Starry Night.
Grab up a generous amount of Starry Night in your brush. Apply it to the inner lid, and inner lower lash line.

Next get ready to jump in the TARDIS!
TARDIS is going to go on the middle lid. Blend Starry Night over TARDIS.

Now let's go on a Space Oddity.
Apply a good layer of Space Oddity to the outer lid, and lower outer lash line. Blend Space Oddity over TARDIS, adding a little more of each as you blend for a smooth look. Also, blend the bottom as line.
You can use a black base for the outer portion of the lid for a darker look if you would like.

Last color! Add some Stargazer under the brow for a brow highlight.
Finish up the out of this world look with your favorite liner and mascara.

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