Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Madd Tutorial 31

This look was inspired by a character's makeup on a show I was watching last weekend.
I really fell in love with the idea, so I created the same color idea and then added my own touches.

As always I applied some NYX base and Awesome Sauce. 
Keep your Awesome Sauce out after applying it because you are going to need it for the liner portion of this look!

Grab the lovely Desert Punk

Desert Punk is going to be applied to the whole eye lid and lower lash line.

Then with a stiff brush I applied my NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as the base for my colorful liner.

It's ok if this looks wonky because it will be covered up. I just used this to give the piggie liner something to grab onto.

Now for the liner color Witch's Brew

Using the back of my hand I applied an almost pea sized drop of Awesome Sauce and an equal amount of Witch's Brew.
Mix the two together using a soft liner brush

Apply mixture over the white guide line you created earlier. Once you  have the Witch's Brew liner the way you like it be sure to set it by patting some dry Witch's Brew over top the still dewy liner.
To finish this look off I added a smokey black liner to the bottom lid and applied mascara

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by to look!


  1. Two of my favorite colors!! I feel like I'm your eyeball stalker! lol... have I ever told you I love you!! ;-)

    1. Hehe! Did you know I totally love you too,B!!! ;D