Saturday, December 15, 2012

Madd Tutorial 30

Seasons Greeting!
It being the holidays and all I figured that a holiday look was in order! 
This one was  inspired by traditional X-Mas colors.

Start off by prepping your lids with a base and Awesome Sauce

The first color used in this Holiday look are

Down The Rabbit Hole

Dab a healthy amount of Down The Rabbit Hole onto the inner lid, in the outer crease and along the inner lower lash line.

The second festive color used is Ruby

You're going to apply Ruby to the middle lid and in the outer crease. Blend Down The Rabbit Hole into Ruby. This will make the color transition a slight pinkish tone.

Last color to join the party is The Bride

The Bride is going to be applied to the outer lid, above the crease, and along the outer lower lashing. Blend The Bride into Ruby. You're going to need a few layers of blending with The Bride.  Use a blending brush to blend out the upper portion of where The Bride ends so that there isn't a harsh line.
Also, I used Down The Rabbit Hole as a brow highlight. This also helps ease the harshness of the line.

Add your favorite mascara and line to complete this look.


  1. So pretty!!!! I always love your looks. Especially the shiny sparkly ones.

  2. Love it girl! You rocked it once again!

  3. Love it! Can never get red to look right on me.