Thursday, December 6, 2012

Madd Tutorial 29

Today's look is inspired by my cute nails I painted last night, they're light grey with glittery green polka dots.

As always this look was applied over a white base and awesome sauce.

Starting this look off is 
Are you my Mummy?

Apply a generous amount of Are you my Mummy? to the inner lid, slightly into the middle lid and along inner lower lash line.

Next color Sonic Screwdriver

Take some SonicScrewdriver and apply it to the middle of the lid, blending it into Are you my Mummy?
These two color take a little time to blend nicely. You may need to add more of Are you my Mummy?

Last color ReLove

Apply ReLove to the outer lid,outer crease, above the crease and finally along the outer lower lash line.
Blend ReLove into Sonic Screwdriver until a smooth transition between colors is made.

Add your finishing touches and you're done.

I didn't notice the liner was jacked up until I went to edit these >.< ugh! lol

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