Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Haven't done this in awhile!

I believe it was last week that I did this look and a fellow makeup lover requested a tutorial for it. I decided to not make it as dark because she wants to wear the look to a baby shower :)

Original look inspired by Bluebonnets

Spotted Elephant & Eddie
Awesome Sauce & Pop N' Lock
Crease Brush - Laura Mercier
Contour Brush - ELF

Swirl your finger in the PnL about 3 times

Starting from the duct pat and swipe your way to the outer corner

And a small  almost tear drop size amount of awesome sauce to one finger and  rub together with the same finger on the opposite hand, then apply the same way you did the PnL
Get a good amount of your silver (Spotted Elephant)on your brush (Crease Brush) I use this brush for the job,even though it is not it's correct usage :)
Lightly pat from the duct out towards the middle. Repeat until you have the desired saturation.
Same thing for the bottom
Pick up some of your blue (Eddie)
Pat GENTLY! There will be fallout, that's ok. Add more color until you get the desired color and shape.  Use a sweeping motion in the crease.
Same as above
I use my contour brush for works for me :) Blend using a sweeping motion from about where your iris starts near your duct outwards towards the blue.
Blended. You can add more blue if desired.

Sorry for the flash 
Add your liner & mascara
Finished product

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Lovely!! I liked your explanation of the "three times swirling" on the PnL! :)

  2. Thank you! It was the only way I could think to explain how much I used,lol.