Friday, March 16, 2012

March Happiness Challenge: Days 14,15 & 16

I'm not good a story details, but 2 happy days in my life were
when I met my husband and when our daughter was born.

2 Broke Girls
This show can always make me smile

One of my fav convos from Clerks 2
*Warning there is some crude language*

Randal Graves: What? What is the big deal? Since when did it become a crime to say porch monkey?
Becky: Oh, I don't know, since forever?
Randal Graves: Why?
Dante Hicks: Because porch monkey's a racial slur against black people!
Randal Graves: No it's not! Nigger is.
Dante Hicks: Randal!
Randal Graves: What?
Elias: [to Randal] Excuse me, but did you just call Mr. Dante a nigger?
Becky: Shut up, Elias!
Randal Graves: No I did not just call Mr. Dante a nigger, I simply said that nigger is a racial slur towards black people.
Dante Hicks: So is porch monkey!
Randal Graves: Oh, it is not! Coon, spook, spade, moolie, jigaboo, nig-nog, *those* are racial slurs towards black people! Porch Monkey is not!

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