Thursday, August 22, 2013

Madd Tutorial 63

About 2 weeks ago Mo over at Madd Style Cosmetics released this awesome, spur of the moment collection, inspired by the Disney movie Aladdin.
These colors are jewel toned, soft, and oh so freaking gorgeous.
I really enjoyed using these colors in this look...

Color 1
Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is going to go on the inner lid - slightly onto the middle lid, and along the inner lower lash line.

Color 2
Magic Carpet Ride

Staying below the crease apply Magic Carpet Ride  to the middle of the lid, almost  to the edge - overlapping where Arabian Nights is on the middle, and blend Arabian Nights into Magic Carpet Ride.

Color 3
Into the Sunset

Add Into the Sunset to the crease. Blend with Arabian Nights & Magic Carpet Ride.

Color 4
Diamond in the Rough

Lastly put Diamond in the Rough on the outer lid, and outer lower lash line.
When you apply Diamond in the Rough it's going to overlap Magic Carpet Ride & Into the Sunset.
Be sure to blend this area thoroughly.  

Liner + Mascara =

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