Thursday, June 13, 2013

Madd Tutorial 54

In the mood for some crazy liner?!
Well then you're in luck, haha.
What could be better than some crazy bright eyelids with some off the wall liner to start of the summer (even though it's not exactly summer yet)?

Prep those peepers!!

Color 1
Miss Take

Miss Take is going to be applied on the inner and middle lid, right below where the crease starts.

Color 2
UnBirthday Star

Next add UnBirthday Star to the inner and half of the middle crease.

Color 3
Snot Face

Apply Snot Face slightly over the area that you ended UnBirthday Star, and to where Miss Take ends. 
Blend Snot Face into UnBirthday Star
While blend those to together be sure and blend them into Miss Take.

Color 4

Now for some Suckerpunch on the outer lid. 
Also, bring Suckerpunch right along the edge of where you can feel your orbital bone, all the way to where UnBirthday Star and Snot Face meet. Then bleeeeeeeeeeeeeend!

Color 5
Ol' 55

For the last color you're going to put some Ol' 55 along the bottom lash line.

After everything is blended nicely apply your liner and mascara.
For this look I went a little crazy with the liner, and it ended up reminding me of a tropical bird.
Of course you can just do a simple more normal liner,lol.

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