Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Madd Tutorial 50

So, I attempted a black & gold look for this tutorial, but it did not come out AT ALL. 
It looked hideous, and I will attempt to do it again at some point next week.

Any-who, back to the main attraction!!
I was standing there in front of my piggies, pondering what to do; when this color combo caught my eye!

After selecting the colors; I gathered my tool.

Then I sat down, and prepped my lid.

Color 1

Grab a good amount of Gloomcookie onto your brush, and apply it to the inner lid, and into the crease.

Color 2

Dab your brush into Zombieland, then apply it to the middle lid, and up into the crease.
 Blend Gloomcookie into Zombieland.

Color 3

Generate some Regeneration onto your brush (by dabbing it in there of course!)
Then add this gorgeous brown the outer lid, and slightly in the crease over Zombieland. You will need to add a few layer to get the full effect.
Blend Regeneration into Zombieland.

Color 4
Pool of Tears

Use Pool of Tears to line the bottom lash line.

I decided to do a dainty double wing with a simple black water line.

Thanks for look, and I hope you enjoyed this look!


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    1. Thank you!
      I was unsure about the combo at first, but it all came together once I put the liner on.

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