Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Madd Tutorial 46

Gooooooood evening, everybody! 
(totally said in Dr.Nick's voice btw, lol.)

Tonight I have for you a collection of very unlikely colors to slather on your eyelids, if you should choose to do so. Haha.

You will for sure need to prep your eyes if you want these colors to POP. If by chance you would like to go with a more subtle look you can always skip using a base, but I like my colors bold, so I ALWAYS use a base.

I use about 2 swipes of base followed by a tiny amount of Awesome Sauce.

Blister in the Sun
Pat on a good amount of Blister in the Sun to the inner lid,crease, and inner lower lash line.

Tiger's Blood
Add Tiger's Blood to the middle of the lid, and crease, blending Blister in the Sun over Tiger's Blood.

Vortex is going to go in the outer lid, in the crease alllll the way over to Blister in the Sun, and along the outer lower lash line, blending into Blister in the Sun.
Blend Tiger's Blood into Vortex, and blend the Vortex that is in the crease so that it fades into the other colors.


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