Saturday, November 24, 2012

Madd Tutorial 27

Felt like yet again playing with some MORE Doctor Who mattes!

Start out by prepping the eye lid area with Pop N Lock and Awesome Sauce

I started out with Sonic Screwdriver

Put Sonic Screwdriver  on the lid and the inner lower lash line. 
I have no idea why the coloration is so weird. The only thing I could figure was the amount of Awesome Sauce in the area,maybe?

Next Book of Spoilers

Apply Book of Spoilers to the middle lid area.
Blend Sonic Screwdriver into Book of Spoilers.

Last color! The lovely Pandorica.

Pat Pandorica on to the outer lid and along the outer lower lash line
Blend Book of Spoilers into Pandorica.
Also, blend the bottom lash line colors.

Finished look

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