Friday, September 21, 2012

Madd Tutorial 19

Since tomorrow is officially the first day of Fall I figured that I would welcome my favorite season in properly with this Fall inspired tutorial.

Gather your supplies and tools
NYX eyeshadow base in white, MSC's Awesome Sauce, W'n'W icon liner in black, ELF liquid liner in black, Rimmel lash accelerator mascara in black. 
ELF smudge stick, Warpaint pencil brush, ELF blending brush, Sephora double ended eyeliner and crease brush.

Atomic Dreamland - Orc - Horror Galore

After you apply your base & awesome sauce grab your pencil brush, and dip it into Atomic Dreamland. Gently pat Atomic Dreamland on the inner lid. Using the eyeliner end of the Sephora brush apply Atomic Dreamland along the inner lower lash line.

Now wipe off your pencil brush and dip it into Orc, pat Orc on the middle of lid and bring it slightly about the crease. Grab your blending brush and blend Atomic Dreamland into Orc

Again, wipe off that pencil brush and dip into Horror Galore and pat on the outer lid into the outer crease and slightly above the crease to line up with Orc. Take the crease side of the Sephora brush and blend Horror Galore into the outer crease.  Then with the liner side of the same brush apply Horror Galore along the outer lower lash line and blend with Atomic Dreamland. Now take the blending brush and blend Orc into Horror Galore. You're going to have to play with the amount of Horror Galore applied because it's such a crazy color that it never looks like there is enough, you may even want to apply that portion over a black base.

Finished look!


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    1. Horror Galore would just not show up on camera correctly and it drives me nuts!!