Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Madd Tutorial 18

Fellow Madd Model Jalackie did this gorgeous color combo the other day that I just had to steal! 
Of course, I added a color and my own touch to make it my own =)

Prepare your eyes!

Grab your tools!

Colors needed!

Mune Glow
Breaking the lid into three areas, swipe Mune Glow on the first portion of the lid and along the lower lash line.

Lotus Bloom
Place Lotus Bloom on the center portion on the lid. Over lap Mune Glow with Lotus Bloom and blend Mune Glow into Lotus Bloom.

Misfits & Moonbeams
Add Misfits & Moonbeams to the last potion of the eyelid bringing it slightly into the crease and blend out. Blend Lotus Bloom into Misfits & Moonbeam. 

Line your water line and lower lash line with black liner then with an angled brush PAT Vortex along the lower lash line.

Apply the finishing touches and done!

Minimal flash