Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Madd Tutorial 12

Here is one of my "get out the door quickly" looks I do at least once a week.
It's simple and fast, but still pretty!
I also only used one brush(my pencil brush) for this look.

Darker silver from the UiS collection

Pat on from the duck to pretty much anywhere near the center and pull up into the crease, almost towards the end of the lid. Also, apply along the bottom lash line, stopping in the center.

Yummy Grape Fizz! I love this purple <3

Pat on the end of the lid and pull towards the center, into the crease mixing with the silver. Apply along the bottom lash line as well . Make sure to leave a "V" shaped area for the center color.

Such an odd pretty color!

Pat Horror Galore right in the center of the "V" shape that is left blank and simply swipe from left to right and lightly blend with the UiS and Grape Fizz. I added a little more Grape Fizz after applying Horror Galore.


  1. HORROR GALORE!!... What is this fabulous green that I do not have in mah collection!!!?? It looks amazing Tarra!! Love the color combo!

  2. dude. love it...very clean, simple but different too
    i like one brush thangs. when im too lazy to clean my limited supply of brushes...!!

  3. Yes, B you need to try it out even though it's brown it has an awesome green duochrome to it. Besides, I think everyone should give Horror Galore a chance! It's a great odd little color =)

    Thank you, Marell! I try to make my "in a hurry" looks very forgiving in case I mess it up somehow,lol.

  4. I love this combo! HG is fantastical!!!!