Sunday, July 15, 2012

Madd Tutorial 10

I can't believe I just woke up! Summer  time makes my schedule all wonky =/
Anywho, today I have for you a G O R G E O U S jewel tone look!

    Make Believe - She Bop - Charlie In The Box

My two favorite brushes
Pencil and blending

First up after you've applied your primer and base is Charlie In The Box

Pat on from the duct to just a little past the begging of the iris and blend out so that the line edge is smooth. Next take Charlie up into the crease,but not all the way to the end, again blend until the edge is smooth. Also, apply along the first half of the bottom lash line.

Make Believe is next. 

Pat on Make Believe to the outer most portion of the eye lid, stopping were the iris ends, be sure to smooth out the edge by the iris. Bring the color up into the crease and the lower lash line then blend lightly with Charlie. 

She Bop
This pink is SO bright!

Pat She Bop right smack dab in the middle of Charlie In The Box and Make Believe,but not in the crease. Start pulling SB (with a sweeping motion) towards CiTB as soon as you have it right on the edge of CiTB start to pull CiTB over SB until it starts to look like a light purple and blend so the it looks uniform. Once that is done use the same technique on MB and SB. Use a blending brush and run it over top the center of the lid to blend the colors more and to take away some of SB brightness.

Final Product =)


  1. Goooooorgeous! And great job explaining the blending!!

  2. Really love this! Its awesome!